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Some Design Examples

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Some Design Examples

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Presentation design services | templates, slides, content & strategy

We engineer for maximum impact

Design Services

We can help transform your content into a powerful presentation that will achieve your objectives. We use principles of modern presentation design combined with psychology and communication science to offer you:

Information Architecture

We provide highly specialized information architecture by skilled executive business strategists to help you in sculpt the message of your presentation. Our information architecture service will ensure:

  • Information flow that is clear and persuasive
  • An overall message that builds coherently
  • Content integrity
  • Visuals and wording that are riveting
  • Psychological impact
  • An overall presentation that connects you to your audience

Visual Slide Design

We will transform your presentation by redesigning your slides for maximum visual impact using presentation design principles that are grounded in the latest presentation science. We provide slide designs that are exciting and moving without being distracting, slides that optimize your message and ensure your presentation is memorable.

Slide Integrity

We will assist you using the psychology of presentation design to ensure your information is distributed appropriately over your slides for maximum effect.

Industry Experience

Our team is not just made up of designers, but actually incorporates deep experience in a wide range of industries and fields including:

Academia Insurance
Advertising IT
Banking Marketing
Biomedical Medical schemes
Business strategy Psychology
Communication Mining
Education & Training Motor
Engineering Retail
Finance Risk management
Infrastructure Telecommunications
We can really turn whatever content you have, no matter how complex or technical, into a powerful presentation that will connect with your audience.